"Gary Wood sets the stage alight with star quality."
Mark Valencia, What's On Stage

"The standout performance was Gary Wood playing Shakti. Wood brought an independent spirit and a feisty nature to the role, and a great deal of sensitivity and vulnerability to the part.
Rakshita Patel, EQ View

"It's Gary Wood as Shakti who really excels."
Matt Breen, Time Out


"Gary Wood is highly arresting as the Aborigine who stalks the action."
Paul Taylor, The Independent

"The Aborigine, played with poise and confidence by Gary Wood."
Emma Salgard Cunha, BSCES

"Gary Wood is excellent in the role."
Stephen Collins,


"Along the way, we get their many stories, none more beautifully told than Gary Wood’s Paul, the gay dancer whose parents discover him in a drag revue. The Palladium isn’t a theatre that lends itself easily to a solo monologue, but Wood holds the stage effortlessly with the force of his words and the stillness with which he tells it." 
Mark Shenton, The Stage

"There is striking work from Gary Wood as the Puerto Rican boy who always longed to be Cyd Charisse."
Michael Billington, The Guardian

"Gary Wood is extremely moving as Paul, whose monologue has some of the best acting I’ve seen on a West End stage in a long time, endless heartfelt emotion and subtlety."
Matthew Lliffe, Bargain Theatreland

"There are some incredibly tender, moving moments throughout. One in particular is Gary Wood, who plays the tortured soul of Paul with great sensitivity and gravitas."
Natasha Wynn, Last Minute Theatre Tickets


"The night belongs to Gary Wood, whose Angel is a beautiful creation. A tricky character to get right, Angel is the beating heart of RENT, and Wood’s portrayal - sassy, full of life and instantly loveable - is pretty much perfect."
Kevin Sherwin, Broadway World

"If ever there was a part seemingly written for an actor, then Wood’s Angel is it. Wood’s performance was probably the pinnacle of this show for me."
Pete Shaw, Broadway Baby

"Gary Wood as Angel is one to watch for the future. He fully inhabits his role giving a ‘real’ portrayal of one of Larson’s characters."
Andrew Roach, What's On Stage

"There were stella performances all round, but the darling of the story, Angel, was played to notable perfection by Gary Wood who seemed to embody the character rather than act it."
Steve Stubbs, Backstage Pass

"Gary Wood stole hearts a plenty with his delightful and heartfelt portrayal of the vulnerable in body, yet immortal in mind Angel. Woods' voice shone and soared with a glorious firm foothold, impossible to ignore and difficult to forget."
Skye Crawford, Fringe Review